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Light: A Gone Novel by Michael Grant

I am so excited to have finally been able to read the final book in the Gone series.  It is probably one of the weirdest premises for a book that I’ve read recently, but Michael Grant does a pretty good job of creating this world, making it as believable as possible, and maintaining it throughout the series.  Even though this is the sixth book, Grant was still able to surprise me.  He also did a decent job with the ending when so often series ending just can’t compete with the anticipation and expectation for them.  He even kills characters that people care about and that are major players in the series.

I would really recommend this series to anyone who enjoys science fiction.  It is a really interesting concept where we see what life would be like for kids if there were no adults around.  They have limited resources and really have to struggle to survive.  They try multiple different systems for coping with their lives, and they continually have to adjust as the situation changes and what is available changes.  Grant presents what seems like a fairly realistic depiction of this (even with all of the science fiction craziness he includes).

Michael Grant's Gone

Michael Grant’s Gone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)