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I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

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So I used the “what should I read next” website and typed in the Hunger Games.  One of the suggestions was I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore (aka James Frey and Jobie Hughes).  This book features aliens.  A group of 18 aliens came to Earth after their planet was attacked and destroyed by aliens (Mogadorians)  from a different planet.  The group of 18 is from Lorien.  Four and his Cepan (his guardian) as well as the rest of the group escaped their planet during the attack.  The others are in similar pairs each with a number child/teenager (member of the Garde) and a Cepan to help and guide them.  The plan is to eventually return if some from the group are able to survive.  In order to help with this plan there were several charms placed on the group.  The most important is that each of the members of the Garde is numbered 1-9.  As long as they stay apart, they have to be killed in order.  The members of the Garde have a charm on them that lets them know when one of them is killed.  This book starts when Four learns that Number 3 has been killed, making him the next target.

Four and Henri (his Cepan) move to Paradise, Ohio in an attempt to remain hidden.  While there, for the first time in his life Four is making friends and getting attached to people.  It makes it so he does not want to leave even when it becomes clear that the Mogadorians that are on Earth know where he is.  This ultimately results in a battle at Four’s high school.  While Four is trying to protect his girlfriend, Sarah, another one of the members of the Garde finds them.  Number Six has been trying to find another Garde member since she lost her Cepan.  However, because Six joins Four, the charm protecting them is broken.

Huge numbers of Mogadorians arrive at the school to kill Four and Six.  They also bring giant beasts that they raise just to kill.  Four and Six, with Henri, Sarah, Mark, and Sam, try to take on the Mogadorians.  They are able to kill some, but ultimately they are outnumbered.  Four’s dog, Bernie Kosar, turns out to be a chimara from Lorien and is able to defeat one of the giant beasts.  In the end, the teenagers are able to escape, but during the battle Henri is killed.

Four and Six obviously decide to leave Paradise and try to hide out somewhere else for awhile.  Four is very upset about leaving Sarah behind, and he promises to come back to her some day (which means that he probably will in a book later in the series).

I really enjoyed this book.  It had a lot of supernatural aspects to it especially since the Garde is able to develop powers like telekinesis, invisibility, and resistance to fire.  It also had a romance that wasn’t over done but made the reader care about the characters.  I’m excited that both The Power of Six and the movie I am Number Four are waiting for me at the library so I can continue the series.


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