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Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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The third book in the Beautiful Creatures series is just as secretive and out there as the first two.  In Beautiful Darkness, Lena breaks the order of things which results in mass chaos in both the mortal world and the caster world.  Gatlin, Ethan’s hometown, is being destroyed.  There are bugs covering every plant and surface in town, unbearable heat year round, Vexes (shadowy bad guys from the underworld) destroy main street and Ethan’s aunts’ house, and earthquakes are thrown in to help shake things up.  Basically everything is going wrong.  Link, Ethan’s best friend, is now part Incubus after being bitten by John Breed (a cross between Incubus and caster) at the end of the last book.  Ridley, Lena’s cousin, lost her Dark Caster Siren powers in Beautiful Darkness, but disappears for awhile in this book, ends up begging for forgiveness and gets them back.

Ethan and Lena and all their supernatural friends are trying to figure out a way to restore the order.  Amma makes a deal with a dark voo doo guy for help, which ends up not being helpful.  Macon and Liv do lots of research to learn about the past in hopes of finding a connection.  John Breed seems to be the key but ends up being mostly useless.  Marian is put on trial for treason against the Caster world.  The Demon Queen takes over Ethan’s teacher’s body and provides helpful information but not a lot of answers.

Ultimately, Ethan realizes that he is the key to fixing the order and jumps off a water tower.  I’m guessing he doesn’t die since there is another book (Beautiful Redemption) and he is pretty the main character and all the books are from his perspective.

Basically, Beautiful Chaos followed the same pattern as the others in the series by providing a lot of information but not a lot of answers.  There are also plenty of plot twists and cliff hangers and in general just a lot going on all the time.  I’ve learned it is almost impossible to summarize these books because there is just too much going on.  For the most part I enjoy the series.  I still think that the books could be shorter and still be as effective.  I also think there might be a few too many subplots going on that detract from the main story line and are often underdeveloped creating a lot of questions about why they are there and where they are going.


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