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Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich

I’m not going to lie, I’m a big fan of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  In face, my whole finally likes the series.  My parents read pretty much all of the books she writes which is how I came to read this one.  Dad got it from the library and told me I should check it out.  Now I have read several of the Evanovich books outside of the Plum world and have not always been very impressed with them.  That was not the case this time.  I really enjoyed Wicked Business.  This book is the second in Evanovich’s Wicked series.  I have not read the first book in the series (Wicked Appetite), but it is on hold at the library so hopefully I will have it soon.

The main character in this series is name Lizzy Tucker.  She has pretty much just settled into a comfortable life with a house she inherited from her aunt and a job as a pastry chef at Dazzle Bakery.  Then Diesel comes into her life and she finds out she has some unnatural abilities.  She is able to sense when objects have powers or are enchanted.  Because of this, Diesel needs her help in tracking down stones that represent each of the Seven Deadly Sins before the wind up in evil hands.  Lizzy and only one other person, Hatchet, have this power making her essential to the hunt.

Wicked Business revolves around their search for the Luxuria stone, which represents lust (or possibly true love).  The search turns up many clues that lead to more clues and must be figured out to find the stone.  Along the way Lizzy deals with feelings for Diesel (but he is off limits), death threats from Anarchy another person looking for the stone, and Diesel’s cousin Wulf and his minion Hatchet.  Comedy is added through Diesel’s monkey who seems to have almost too good of a grasp on being human and Lizzy’s coworker Glo who thinks she is a witch.  Glo is even able to cast some spells at points, but none of them seem to go quite as planned.

All in all, this book has a great basis in supernatural but is still able to stay relatively realistic and all the while be funny and captivating.