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Cinder by Marissa Meyer

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Also from the list of series to try if you like the Hunger games was the one by Marissa Meyer, which begins with Cinder.  Going into it, I knew that this book was supposed to be a Cinderella inspired story set in the future, and obviously from the cover there would be some type of robot/mechanical type stuff.  But whatever expectations I developed from that knowledge were totally not what this book delivered.  Other than a lot dealing with a robotic foot, an evil stepmother, and a prince, this book was nothing like Cinderella.  It is set in dystopia China around 100 years after the fourth world war.  The world has been decimated in large part due to a pandemic of the Blue Plague.  There is also a colony of people who went to live of the moon but have largely developed into their own species known as Lunars who the Earthens hate.

The main character is Cinder who is a 16 year old mechanic that lives with her step mother and two step sisters.  Cinder was adopted after being in a terrible accident that resulted in her having her foot, hand, and many internal organs and bones replaced with mechanical equivalents.  All of these are run by a computer in her brain, so she basically has her brain for her normal human functions and also the computer.  Because of this surgery, Cinder is a cyborg which is considered to be lower than human.

Step Mom volunteers Cinder to be a test subject in attempts to find a cure for Blue Plague.  During the examination, Cinder finds out she is much more cyborg than she realizes.  It is also discovered that she is immune to the plague.  However, it is found out later on that it is because she is actually Lunar.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of political things going on with the emperor of China dying, the Lunar queen trying to marry the prince, and the prince having to take the throne and run the show.  He also has a hardcore crush on Cinder, but doesn’t know that she is a Lunar cyborg.

Basically there is a lot going on in this book and in the end nothing is resolved.  There is no actual conclusion and you are left wondering what will happen.  I looked up the rest of the series.  The next book is not out yet, but it is a little difficult to see how this story will continue with it.  Meyer plans to base the next three books on other fairy tales (Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White).  If this is really what happens, it is kind of hard to see how the story started in Cinder will be continued and ultimately resolved.  As an invested reader, I am curious as to where the series (the Lunar Chronicles) will go, but overall I don’t see how the necessary information will be given and how the conclusion will be reached.


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